Sabarmati to Dandi

19 Half Marathon 401kms total

Each day will have two ‘runs’; a ‘morning run’ (RAM) and an ‘evening run’ (RPM) with a ‘mid-day halt’ (MH).

Each ‘run’ will be a measured ‘half marathon’ (HM) i.e. 21.097 kms. Hence, each day will have two half marathons. The entire distance from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi will be covered by 19 Half Marathons over 10 days.

Each HM has a cut-off time of 3 hours and 30 mins. If a runner (individual or relay team runner) arrives after this cut-off, he/she may complete the challenge but, instead of a FINISHER medal, will receive a PARTICIPATION medal. This is because runners failing to reach the timing mats before they are removed will not be able to record their cumulative or team relay timing.

You may register for this event either as an Individual or as a Team. If you register as a Team, you and your teammates will run the distance in relay. The maximum team size allowed is 4 people.

The RAM will begin at 05:30 hrs

Cut-off time for finish shall be 3 ½hrs ie 09:00hrs. Timing mats will come off at this cut-off.

The RPM will begin at 17:00 hrs

Cut-off time for finish shall be 3 ½ hrs ie 20:30 hrs. Timing mats will come off at this cut-off.

19 Half Marathon 401kms total

There will be an aid station every 2.5 kms which will stock water, electrolyte and fruits. These stations will also have basic first aid kit including muscle relaxant spray.

Accommodation for participants will be in tents. These are ten person tents with sufficient space to organise themselves. Specific tents are allocated to participants by the organisers and participants must stay in the specified tent during the race. The details of the tent allocation are available at Bib pick up and Expo. There will be a female only tent(s) available for female participant who would prefer this. Participants will need to carry their own toiletries and other items of daily use.

ELECTRICITY There will be facilities to charge mobile phones.

MOBILE NETWORK COVERAGE The distance covered is long and while most places have networks with sufficient signal strength, often the signal is poor and 3G/4G coverage is low.

Each morning run (RAM) or evening run (RPM) will have a 3 ½ hrs Cut-Off, to enable us to deliver the event logistics fluently.

Timing mats will be places the following locations;

• Start point • 10 km mark • Finish

The Cut-Off means that the timing mat will be taken off and participants that miss the cut off will not get their finish time for that run as well as the cumulative finish time.

The participant will however be allowed to proceed with subsequent runs until the finish. Participants that miss one or more Cut-Offs will not be entitled to a FINISHER medal but will instead be given a PARTICIPATION medal.

The organisers will transport an 'Overnight Bag' to each midday halt and overnight campsite for the participants while they undertake each day of the Dandi Salt Challenge. This means that participants will have light bags and should be able to enjoy their running, rather than carrying a heavy bag.

The Overnight Bag must be 20 Kg or less. We insist on adherence to this limit for all participants for three important reasons:

FAIRNESS: Every participant has the same maximum weight and approximate sized bag.

SAFETY: We need to lift and manoeuvre several hundred bags twice per day.

TRANSPORT: Bags must be very similar sizes for optimum stacking and packing whilst they are transported AND it should be easy for our volunteers to handle.

Please note that the maximum weight of participants’ bags will be strictly enforced. We will be checking all Overnight Bags at the race start.

It will be hot and humid and hence Drifit Tee and shorts are recommended.

Make sure you pack the following items in your bags:

Toiletries, Deodorant, Anti-blister creams, Torch, Mosquito Repellent, Nightwear, Gels, Energy Bars, Mobile charger, Power bank etc that are specific to your requirements.

Number Of Participents Fee Early Bird Discount of 10% available
Solo Solo Rs 21,000 + GST
Team of 2 Team of 2 Rs 42,000 + GST
Team of 3 Team of 3 Rs 54,000 + GST
Team of 4 Team of 4 Rs 60,000 + GST


  • 4 T-shirts per participant
  • Bib & Timing Chip
  • Aid & Hydration
  • Physiotherapy
  • Medical Support
  • Luggage Management
  • Stay for Per participant for 10 Nights in Shared Tents
  • Portables Bathrooms and Toilets
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner featuring Cuisines from different States of India

Registrations for Dandi Salt Challenge March 2020 will begin soon!