Dandi Half Marathon

This is a single day HM event.

Dandi - Navsari - Dandi

Race distance: 21.097K

The start times will be as follows

HM race - 05:30 hrs

Cut-off time for the race finish shall be 09:00 hrs

Dandi Half Marathon

There will be a total of 7 aid stations along the out and back route to cater to the runners which will stock water & electrolyte.

This is an out-and-back route and hence there will be timing mats placed at appropriate points. If a runner does not reach the finish before the 09:-00 hrs cut-off, he/she will be asked to pull out of the race. The start and finish points will be the same.

It will be hot and humid and hence Drifit Tee and shorts are recommended.

Registrations for Dandi Salt Challenge March 2020 will begin soon!