Are you a marathon runner with a will of steel, looking to conquer new summits? This one’s for you.

Participants of The Marathon will run the 401 km of varied terrain from Sabarmati to Dandi, exploring this legendary route of Indian history with hundreds of other athletes from across the world. The Marathon is a true test of mind and body, as it demands running half a marathon in the morning, and another half marathon in the evening, with days of rest in the middle.

Discover what you are truly capable of, in the DANDI SALT CHALLENGE MARATHON.

  • From Sabarmati Ashram To Dandi
  • Distance 401 kms
  • 3Days

  • 400Kms

Just you, your cycle and your pumping heart racing down the stunning, historic Dandi Path.

  • From Sabarmati Ashram To Dandi
  • Distance 401 kms

When Bapu planned the Dandi March, the heralded of the Namak Satyagraha in 1930 he decided the first batch of Satyagrahis who would accompany him on the march from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi, he would handpick from those closest to him those who he had personally drilled in the methods of Passive Resistance. He picked 80 Satyagrahis from amongst the Ashramvasis, those living in Sabarmati Ashram, those who adhered to the 11 vows which were to be practised in their every day lives in the Ashram. The 80 Marchers walked the entire route with Bapu often running to keep up with the pace of the 61-year-old youth, Bapu.

At the first DSC, we are commemorating two important places of the Salt Satyagraha by organising a 4 day walk from Bhimrad near Surat to Dandi. Bhimrad is historically important because this is where on 9th April 1930 Bapu accompanied by his second son Manilal picked up Salt once again in defiance of the British. The famous photograph of Bapu picking up salt is from Bhimrad.

To symbolically align with the Historic event the first 81 to register will be accepted to participate in DSC March. So come to register soon #KarKeDekhein.

  • From Bhimrad To Dandi
  • Distance 70 kms

Registrations for Dandi Salt Challenge March 2020 will begin soon!